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Community Coffeehouse

On November 17th we’re hosting a Community Coffeehouse with live music, coffee, and snacks. Come support your fellow Tinkers Creekers and also other musicians from around the area. If you would like to perform, call Jessie Barr at (330) 283-8852.

Life Groups

Our Life Groups are monthly meetings in homes for people at certain stages of life. If you’d like to get to know people facing the same kinds of challenges you face, you can use the tear-off form to the right to request information. One of our leaders will contact you with more information.

Advent Groups Coming

In November we’ll be signing up for Advent Home Groups which start on December 1st this year and will meet 4 times in December. A great next step if you’re new to Tinkers Creek

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This Week in the Word: A Huge Concert of Worship - Nehemiah 12

This revival started with tears and confession, continued with pledges of righteous living, and now culminates with music and celebration. Though their lives are not suddenly all easy, they find joy in the moment and in God’s goodness. They worship wholeheartedly, without reservation. May we do the same!

Donate Online

If you wish to donate to the ministry at Tinkers Creek, click the button below. This is a secure transaction and will be processed the same way we receive donations in person.  As always, giving at Tinkers Creek is received anonymously so that it remains a matter between you and God.  We use an outside bookeeper to record giving so that no one inside the church knows what is given.

Loving God, Loving Others

The following document has a listing of verses that summarize what the Bible has to say about our call to love God and others. There are 183 references to love here. This does not even take into account all the references to God’s love for us (except in some cases where his love and our love are included the same verse). If all the verses about God’s love toward us were included, the list would be at least twice as long. This is just the other half of the equation: our response to God’s love.

Loving God Loving Others


Places to Serve at Tinkers Creek

If you’re new to our church and are looking for ways to plug in, start by attending an Adult Bible Fellowship during the 9am hour, or by serving others in the body with your gifts and experience. 

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ABFs @ 9:15 am

Each Sunday we offer an adult Bible discussion group starting at 9:15. This time is dedicated to studying God's word in a more intimate setting. We look to use that personal application in our everyday lives to glorify God and love others.

YAC (Youth After Church)

Meet at the church at 4pm to do a leaf-raking project. Bring rakes and gloves!