E-update from Pastor Dave

Staying Crazy Busy During Lent
Ok, so I created some space.  Had few minutes where I didn't have to do anything in particular.  How did it go?  I found I both wanted and didn't want the space.  On the one hand, I enjoyed the sense of a break in my day.  But I also found myself fidgety.  It's less threatening to just keep myself crazy busy.  But I want to get past that first reaction to having space.  I want to ask myself, "Lord, why am I fidgety?  Why would I rather be accomplishing something? Why am I anxious just sitting here?"  Ask yourself the same thing.

By the way, we're experimenting with a collaborative Facebook page where members and regular attenders can share music, art, poetry, or thoughts about creating space.  It's a private group, so you'll need to request access. Check it out here.

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