Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF)

The Adult Bible Fellowships offered at the Chapel at Tinker's Creek are SGS (Studying God's Story) and SALT (Seasons of Adult Life Transitions).

All classes meet from 9:15-10:10 a.m. every Sunday morning. 


SGS (Studying God's Story)

This ABF is aimed at a diverse age group, from roughly 40 on up.We focus on informal discussion-oriented Bible study and applicatin to real life. Class is lead alternately by Gary Pease, Dave McVay, and Dale Pease.  We meet in the sanctuary in the back left corner.

SALT (Seasons of Adult Life Transitions)

Led by Jason and Elizabeth Bibza & Matt and Emily McClung. Geared toward young adults and newly marrieds. Contact them at  or  Class is currently meeting in the front right corner of the sanctuary.