Membership Consent

Membership Consent Form

Consent to Membership in The Chapel at Tinkers Creek
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I agree wholeheartedly with both the doctrine and the approach to ministry of the Chapel at Tinkers Creek.  I understand that conversion boils down to accepting as a gift from God what I could never earn or achieve on my own.  I have made the decision to trust Christ’s righteousness instead of my own, and to follow him in gratitude as an obedient servant.  I agree to support the leadership of this church and to contribute to its ministry to the best of my ability.

I understand that if I choose to persist in observable immoral behavior, the church may privately challenge me on it.  I understand that if we can’t come to agreement, the church reserves the right to remove my name from membership, and that it is the biblical duty of a church to humbly pursue such recourse.

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Pastor: _________________________________________________

My Areas of Interest for Service: